Eco Friendly E-Shisha

Eco Friendly Only Throw Away 1 Small Refill instead of Whole Shisha Pen Device Save The Environment!

The e shisha you see advertised Eshish/Shishavape/Twilight Shisha/Starbuzz E-Shisha/Luli,Litejoy/Aventus and all the rest of the disposable type E-Shisha are Completely throw away! now whilst they may be Weee compliant which basically means they pay towards disposal to the government think of the impact this will have on the Environment!

each shisha used will result in the dumping of normally a lithium ion battery which although is better than the older type of dry cell battery is none the less a waste product,also you have the steel or plastic tube of the E-Shisha, the Components eg wiring, heating element, e juice gauze, and also the packaging tube, and packet it is provided with

Now look to Shisharette rechargeable unit 

Each battery unit has a minimum recharge cycle of 300 which means 300 less batteries thrown away 300 less tubes in fact 300 less of everything except the refill cartridge which is still a fraction of the size of the whole other unit

So make your change today!

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