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Shisha E-Volve

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5 pack Refills for starter pack only £6.99 2250 puff

5 pack refills in up to 24 flavours 10 core in 5 packs additional flavours as single cartomizers

Welcome to Shisharette!

Electronic Shisha That’s Nicotine Free! One Of The largest Range Of Flavours In The U.K

Shisharette is a luxury item using state of the art technology imitating the sensation of smoking a shisha pipe, with the ease of smoking a cigarette. With two major trends spreading the UK, one is shisha bars and the other e-Cigarettes, we go one further and offer you the best of both worlds and without any harmful side effects or health concerns associated with the others.

What people say about Shisharette

I just received my order (#911). I really like the rechargeable Shisharette, Thank you :)

Idrus, The Netherlands

Many thanks for the refills they arrived today

Really appreciate you sending them ..

Have already recommended you to friends

I just wanted to let you know that I am in the UK and I ordered my shisharette. It arrived today and I must say I am very very impressed with the product :) I will definitely be ordering more during my stay.


Hi again!

I just received the product and I must say I’m very pleased with it. The rechargeable one is better than I expected. It’s a nicer size and texture than the disposable ones and the USB charger is super handy. The blue light at the end is very cool – though if I could change only one thing, I’d rather have it be a more matte lighting effect (the glass crystal doesn’t do it for me). I look forward to buying more flavour refills in the future!


Received my order and its an absolutely fantastic product, where do you guys stand on flavours, can any be requested that are not already on offer?

Cheers Gav

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